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git clone

Later :

You need add in your /etc/host

Later, running:

docker-compose up –build

Check works urls:

prometheus: http://localhost:9090/

traefik: http://localhost:8085/ #user: admin
#pass: testing




Grafana read prometheus data and dashboard with status codes , response time ,etc.

Grafana: http://localhost:3000 #Login with admin #user: admin #pass: test

For test metrics

traefik: http://localhost:8085/metrics


View metrics in prometheus using dashboard and querys.

Stop Stack:

docker-compose down


Open the apps with query-string for test

Check if prometheus request count works

Test url traefik endpoint:8085/metrics

This configuration of traefik have enable http-errors  monitor

Open grafana and login with user admin:test

Check the dashboard count the status-code request and metrics.